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Enjoy TV from home Worldwide with our TV solution that gives you a glitch free (Just like satellite) platform wherever you are.

Our service offers Live TV, 14 Day Catch-up and a huge Movies on demand service with the ease of a ‘Just like Satellite’ Menu and EPG system. We offer TV packages from the UK, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Italy and Russia in 3 simple packages that are available via Subscription or with our unique PAY AS YOU GO viewing vouchers.  Click Here to see a full list of channels for the three packages.


Our service is powered by the internet but unlike many other options only 1mb of internet speed is required in most cases. Our state of the art technology allow us to configure our server and viewing platform based on your individual internet connection so during the 3 day test period we work to configure the service for a glitch free service for you. Learn More!

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Taking a subscription offers the best value for money for regular users. This option is enjoyed by ex-pats around the world with 1000s of users in just Spain and Portugal. All you need to do is click here or select subscribe at the top of this page and pick your options. Today’s date then becomes your billing date and your payments are taken automatically by credit/debit card on the same date each month. You can cancel at any time with just 30 days’ notice and take breaks whenever you need to.



This is a completely unique option that saves money for holiday home owners and infrequent users. You simply buy a voucher on our website and its delivered to you instantly via email. Once you have it key it into your TV box using your remote control and that’s it! You can choose the region for the voucher (UK,EUROPE or Scandinavia) along with the length of viewing time required. The vouchers have no expiry date so you can buy in advance and the viewing time of the voucher (3,7,14 or 30 days) doesn’t start until you type the code into the box and activate it.

The Pay as you go system with vouchers has proved to be extremely popular for holiday home owners who only want to pay whilst they are here but also for owners who rent their properties on a holiday let basis. This is because only need to buy a voucher when your property is occupied but you can also offer your clients TV from their home with only one box. When you buy a voucher you choose which TV platform you want and when you type in the code to your TV it gives you not only the TV channels from that region but also changes the language of the Menus and TV guides – This means you can give a German client German TV one week and a British Client UK TV the following week simply by giving them a voucher code for their region – All with one box  and without having to change anything – They simply key in the voucher code upon arrival! Some owners even direct the client to our website directly to buy the voucher if they wish to use the TV thus eliminating any cost to them directly.